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I've always used "lesser" equipment for my photography.  Starting when my dad gave me his old Kodak Brownie Camera when I was five years old.  Later, he gave me his old Kodak Instamatic Camera, I can still remember the smell from the flash cubes popping.  My first real camera was a Minolta 35mm rangefinder.  Mostly I shot Kodachrome 25 color slides, my focus at the time was landscapes and action sports, two very different types of photography. 
 I was accepted into California Institute of the Arts College in 1977 using images taken with my rangefinder camera.

Back in the 60's through the 90's , I would take photographs, send in the film canister to Kodak, and wait two weeks for my slides to be developed and sent back to me.  Each image I captured was precious, the cost of each image was limiting.  
I learned to seek out the best images, capturing what I was envisioning in my mind before I pressed the shutter button.  

Now that I'm working with digital cameras, everything has changed.  I still use "lesser" digital equipment, trying to capture precious images.
 I keep finding myself not wanting to use too much film...

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